Saturday, January 31, 2009

Andy Roddick's RUN to the Aussie Open Semis

So the Australian Open is almost over and to me on of the best stories of the tournament was Andy Roddick's run to the semis. The key word being RUN. I say this because noticeably improved was his movement around the court and that translated to better results for him.

Why the improvement?

Quite simply in my estimation it had to do with the fact that he lost 15 pounds in the "off-season". Under the watchful eyes of his new coach, Larry Stefanki, Roddick busted his butt with an intense training regimen, ultimately designed with tennis exercises to make him quicker around the court.

15 pounds and greatly improved endurance later, the guy reaches the Semis of the Aussie Open (only to run into arguably the greatest player ever- FEDERER) with 2009 looking brighter than ever for him. Admittedly, I have never been a huge Roddick fan but I really admire him for making this type of change.

Yeah, about a year or so ago he was on the cover of Men's Fitness with biceps bulging but his play on-court was suffering. While Nadal can get away with a more muscular physique, it is not the ideal for fluid shot making and graceful, effortless court coverage.

Moral of the story, if you want to move like a cat around the court and you find yourself carrying a number of extra lbs, whether it comes in the form of hulking muscles or unwanted fat, hire a trainer or connect with me to create a tennis training program that will lean you out and tone you up!

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Brendan Duda said...

How much distance should a tennis player be running? Lot of intervals I assume. Can you give me a suggestion of how many and how far?