Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Things You Need To Do To Improve Your Tennis Speed

So here we are in 2009 with the entire year ahead of us to commit to a new and improved version of your tennis-self. The start of the year presents an opportunity to re-invent your plan of attack relating to your tennis fitness program.

As you have heard me say over and over again, the simplest way to improve how you do on-court is to improve what you do off-court. If it is your tennis speed you are looking to improve, then you've got to get out and get yourself to things: a jump rope and and speed ladder. Now, I know times are tight for almost everyone right now but purchasing these two items is only going to set you back about $50 or $60 bucks combined. If you're smart you'll get unbelievable value for this purchase because you'll be using them at least 2x/week...

By the way, when it comes to Speed, Agility and Quickness training (and I am lumping jumping rope and ladder work into this category), studies show that working on these areas twice a week is ideal. Additional days a week showed no marked improvement in any of the areas. Having said this, it is the quality applied to the limited quantity that reaps rewards.

If you haven't used either of these pieces of fitness equimpment, here are some basics:

* do this work before you play or do other forms of training
* start with basic moves and progress
* work for short periods of time (6-30 seconds) at high intensity and add short rest between bouts

Here is a sample routine:

1. One foot in each rung forward (2x)
2. Two feet in each rung forward (2x)
3. Two feet in each rung sideways-right (2x)
4. Two feet in each rung sideways- left (2x)
5. Grapevine sideways down ladder- (2x)
6. Crossover step in each rung (2x)
* Jog back to beginning to do second round

Jump Rope
1. Jump with 2 feet together (50 revolutions)
2. Jump on left foot twice, right foot twice and repeat (50 Total Revolutions)
3. Jump on left foot (25 revs)
4. Jump on right foot (25 revs)
5. Boxer jump (right then left repeat (50 revolutions0
6. Split jump (right in front, switch, left in front, repeat (50 revs)

Do this simple routine 2 times a week for at least one month and you will be shocked at the improvement in your court speed. This is just the beginning...keep using these two tools over the first 3 months of the year and soon your nickname is going to be Speedy Gonzales!

Now get out there and get moving with your tennis training.

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